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1g Jars

$15 MSRP

USA-grown, organically farmed hemp flower buds packaged in an air-tight, wood-topped glass jar.

1g Pre-Rolls

$10 MSRP

Fine-grounded hemp flower hand-rolled in hemp papers then sealed in a glass, corked vial.

3.5g Jars

$40 MSRP

AKA an 'eighth'.  More flower in a bigger jar made to share or last.  Customers save $12.50 versus 1g jars.

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What are your prices? How much money will I make by selling your products?

We don't publish these numbers openly. Please get in touch by calling 1 (877) END-DIST on a week day between 8AM and 5PM CST, or by emailing us at sales@endlessdistribution.com

What's the difference between this and the real thing? What does it do?

Legals hemp flower contains about 16x as much CBD on average as its illegal, sister cannabis plant.  Additionally, it has a robust profile of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids.  The process of use is the same, but the effects of its unique profile of cannabinoids are very different.

Can Legals get someone high? Can it make someone fail a drug test?

This hemp flower contains no Delta-9 THC by dry-weight, but it does have trace amounts of THC-A.  THC-A doesn't fit our CB1 receptors and can't get us high.  However, THC-A can convert into delta-9 THC through decarboxylation, a process initiated by heat & light.  So it's possible one could fail a drug test depending on frequency and nature of use.

Can Legals help with pain / depression / anxiety / otherwise?

In accordance with FDA guidance, no one who sells, markets, or manufactures hemp CBD products can make any claims about any potential health impacts of hemp CBD products.  Consult a licensed physician.

Are Legals products age-restricted?

There are no laws regarding the age one must be to possess hemp CBD products.  However, our distributor and the Legals brand restrict us from selling the product to anyone without official identification showing they are at least 18 years of age.  NOTE: your store may choose to make it 21.